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What Makes a Female Athlete? Participation for Girls & Women: You ARE an Athlete

Girls drop out of sport at twice the rate of boys by age 14 and this only increases as they get older.  This has been stated before with information and studies released by the Women’s Sports Foundation.  

The question has been asked over and over… Why? and what can we do to support keeping girls in sports? The answers for these questions aren’t always straight forward and clear with a multitude of components and factors attributing to this drop out rate during this time in a girls life. 

But there is one question that keeps coming to mind as well, and that is… do they really drop out or just find a different avenue for activity because they don’t play a traditional sport or fit the female “athlete” mold?  

What is the definition of an athlete or what constitutes being a sport?  

Is it soccer? or basketball?  rock climbing? taekwando? bobsled? yoga? swimming? curling? running? e-sports? dance?  This list...

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ACL Injury


I recently had an athlete I was working with tear her ACL.  She knew it right when it happened and had all of the signs and symptoms with the injury. Non-contact. Plant. Twist. Pop.  ....“I am so sorry!!”

Talking with her about the injury and the process moving forward, more mental than physical, brought me back to my own ACL injury like a flood of thoughts, memories, and feelings.  I remember it like it was yesterday… well, maybe not quite like yesterday.  Actually, I think that I can remember that day better than I can remember yesterday.  A whole other issue.  ???  

January 16, 1991…  a little further ago than yesterday.  Wow!  Has it been that long??  I am aging myself.  30 years ago - YEP!!  But still, just like yesterday…  maybe last week.  

Moving on.  

I was (still am) a skier.  I was in a high school ski race in Michigan.  One:...

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