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ACL Injury


I recently had an athlete I was working with tear her ACL.  She knew it right when it happened and had all of the signs and symptoms with the injury. Non-contact. Plant. Twist. Pop.  ....“I am so sorry!!”

Talking with her about the injury and the process moving forward, more mental than physical, brought me back to my own ACL injury like a flood of thoughts, memories, and feelings.  I remember it like it was yesterday… well, maybe not quite like yesterday.  Actually, I think that I can remember that day better than I can remember yesterday.  A whole other issue.  ???  

January 16, 1991…  a little further ago than yesterday.  Wow!  Has it been that long??  I am aging myself.  30 years ago - YEP!!  But still, just like yesterday…  maybe last week.  

Moving on.  

I was (still am) a skier.  I was in a high school ski race in Michigan.  One:...

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